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Marriage lookup - William Bayley and Esther Giles, Darleston.


proper brummie kid
I don't know if any one can help? - I can't find anything on IGI.

I'm looking for a marriage between William Bayley b 1813-4, West Brom and Esther Giles b 1813-4, Darleston. Their oldest son (according to 1841 census) was born in 1838, so that should put their marriage anywhere between 1830 - 38. They lived all their married lives in Darleston. (Sorry, I'm not familiar with Brum, so I don't know which churches that would incorporate)

Hope it's not too much of a long shot!!!!!:rolleyes:



master brummie
Found this on Freereg:

Place Wolverhampton
Church St Peters

Marriage Date 26 Dec 1833
Groom Forename William
Groom Surname BAYLEY
Groom Condition Bachelor
Bride Forename Esther
Bride Surname GILES
Bride Condition Spinster
WitnessOne Forename Thomas Surname GILES
WitnessTwo Forename John SurnameBIDDULPH
Notes Banns FileNumber 3056


proper brummie kid
It's ok, I've found it. Some thing else I didn't know about to help with research!!!I'd never have known about it if you hadn't helped me!!! THANK YOU!!!!


master brummie
Glad you found it ...and glad to have helped:)

Its worth popping back every now and again to freereg as they do update it . I've had a some luck there myself, finding rellies in Warwickshire and Staffs.