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Map Or other information required.


master brummie
The closest I have been able to find is the 1878 P.O Directory.
There is no number 9, it skips from 8 (back of) and 259, Wilkes,Thomas, beer retailer to 11, Bartlam, William, furniture dealer.
Number 11 may have incorporated the 2 numbers ?


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Below are two maps, one about 1913 shows where no 9 was iin 1878 (in red) and the larger scale map shows the immediate area in more detail with no 9 still in red




master brummie
A big THANK YOU to everyone who answered.
To Mikejee, I have a photograph looking along Aston Road, so your Maps will help me to try to establish where it was.
" Thank You " once more to everyone.