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Map of park st


knowlegable brummie
Would anyone have an old map showing the courts before the railway was built.
I am looking for 11, court park st and vale court.
Also Carey's court in moor st.


Super Moderator
Staff member
I do not have, or know of any early map that shows court numbers pre the railway. I would think court 11 would have disappeared during its construction, and would have been on the west side if the road to the northern end. T map c1889 shows NEW vale court, on the right of the street just below the railway, which presumably was either an altered Vale court or a new court on the same site.

map c1889 showing new vale court.jpg

Carey's court is shown as the blue line on the map of c1828 below

Pigott smith map c 1828 showing Careys Court.jpg


knowlegable brummie
Thank you so much that's so helpful as I thought Carey's court would be off Carr's lane


knowlegable brummie
Mikejee, sorry to be awkward but can you tell me where it says Carey's court is, as I would like to go and visit the place, well as close as I can get.