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map for aberdeen stree


gone but not forgotten
im looking for a map for 6/125 aberdeen street winson green we lived there in the fifties
thank you josie


gone but not forgotten
Hi Josie
Sorry I do not have a map but I think our exP
ert mike may have one with Winson green because about 12 months ago he gave me one of Winston green red
I knew Aberdeen street and I am just trying to place which end are you is it the bottom end by Winson. Green rd end
Where the long gardens are or just before there where the price family lived or by the little grocers shop was just up and passing the grade where the gully was and a lady named Maggie lived have patience some one will find it for you I am sure best wishes astonian,,,,,,


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I assume 6/125 means 6 back of 125. Below is a map c 1889 of Aberdeen st, with houses back of 125 in purple. I think no 6 would have been the one marked more reddish tinge, but cannot be certain of that. No 125 is the house marked in blue