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Manor House & Moat Lane


master brummie
I have sorted a few views of the Manor House that have been posted and attempted to tie the information together. Sketches maybe but I think that the old time artists tried to depict what they saw.

The first one I have only recently seen it was listed as Moat Lane but I think it was from a little south of there and below what was to become Moat Row which was at the south end of the moat. The view is looking towards St Martins with the spire in the background. What is important though is the low fence and the Poplars. Seem to be looking at a lot of fences lately. The fence surrounds the outside of the Moat and beyond it is the water and the poplars are on the other side in the Manor grounds. The viewpoint I believe is from point A on the old first map looking towards the church spire. Look down the lane past the water carrier to the poplars at the end and round to the left hidden from view is the gate in Moat Row and there are a couple of figures looking across the fence and moat. Point A on the first map, is in a very early end of Bradford Street. A little lane then. The gables in the distance to the right of the building with the two chimneys would be on houses in Upper Mill Lane. The mill being in the outer Manor House Courtyard just there or to the right a bit.

The second view is from point B looking towards the church spire across the moat. There are two versions of this view but the first seems to display better draughtsmanship. Again you see the fence and poplars and a good rendition of the early buildings. To the right point C is the bridge across the moat and gate on the other side. The viewpoint is in Moat Row. The church steeple is at poin D on the first old map.

I have used the 1890 Ordnance Survey map because it bridges the ages between the old sketches and Google today. Link :https://www.british-history.ac.uk/m...=10098&ox=2245&oy=2237&zm=1&czm=1&x=582&y=231

The old Smithfield Market was built on the Manor House site as we know with Jamaica Row and the Rag Market.

I think these two sketches are remarkable...the steeple is a great landmark. In the first sketch with the water carrier; to the right of there, at the bottom of the picture, would be the millpool for Astericks Mill.
If you zoom in on the last map (I think supplied originally by John) you will be able to see the old malt mill in Upper Mill Lane, (not to be confused with Mill Lane) with the tailrace or fleam discharging into Astericks millpool. I thought that these wonderful pictures give a better insight if kept together with an explanation. Both Mill Lane and Upper Mill Lane can be seen on the 1890 OS link and even G Ed. today. The workings of hundreds of years ago still influence the scene even now.