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Malmesbury Road Aston?


Brummie babby
According to my father's birth certificate, he was born in December 1905 at 149, Malmesbury Road, Aston. I can't find any record of a road with this name in Aston, although there is/was a Malmesbury Road, Small Heath, B10.
Does anyone know of a Malmesbury Road, Aston which may have gone due to redevelopment etc - or, is it possible that Small Heath and Aston have somehow been confused? I'm waiting for a copy of Old OS Map 8.13 Wk Aston Manor to come; I'm hoping I'll be able to find it on that.

Many Thanks


Super Moderator
Staff member
Until 1911 Aston-juxta-Birmingham was separate from Birmingham , and Smallheath would have been included in that. So that is the road your are looking for


Brummie babby
Many thanks for that, mikejee. I've just downloaded the Aston Registration District data via Freebmd. I can see now that although actually in Small Heath, Malmesbury Road came under Aston Registration District at the time of my father's birth, so that his birth would have been recorded in Volume 6d - Aston - of the register.