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Mabel Knowles b.1899


master brummie

Hoping somebody can help me out with this one, on the 1901 census Mabel Knowles aged 2 yrs is living in Aston with her grandfather William Knowles, grandmother Annie, mother Lucy and brother William (all Knowles). She doesn't appear on the 1911 census, I have been told that Lucy had a child that died but I can't find any birth or death records for her.

Any suggestions?



true brummie
i dont know if this helps, but looked back to the 1891 census living unett st. bham

lucy was with her mother and father, i.e. william and ann knowles, also her sister sarah aged 22. then there is a grandson listed - edward h w knowles aged 1. as he doesnt appear in 1901 perhaps he was the one who died??


master brummie
Hi Shera,

Thanks for the reply, Edward H W Knowles was actually known by his 3rd christian name of 'william' & appears on the 1901 & 1911 censuses as this. He died in the 1st WW. I think mabel will remain a mystery, Lucy knowles had at least 2 children before her marriage, I'm wondering if Mabel could have been adopted as surely her death would have to have been registered?



Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Just an idea, if Edward was known and used one of his other names (William) maybe Mabel was known and used another name too... not much help in finding her I know, but could explain why she can't be found.


master brummie
I can't help with info I'm afraid but just wanted to say not to give up on finding this lady. I knew that one particular lady existed because I had her signature on my grandmother's marriage cert. Neither my mother or her only surviving sibling had ever heard of her and knew of no particular family spat although I think both my parents families can't have been very pleasant people or easy to deal with. So much unpleasantness, mysteries, deception and secrets on both sides. Also whole families seemingly disappearing or just no longer being acknowledged and a pile of other stuff. Great interest to a family historian but also incredible sadness as my own upbringing was highly disfunctional and abusive. It's an interesting family history, like a family disease, particularly on my paternal side which traces back to some right historical baddies. My husband came from a very loving family and that shows very clearly in his family history with the exception of his great grandfather who was a tyrant.

But I have gone on (as I do). Anyway I must have been hunting for this lady for a decade until I found proof of who she was. I hope that you can find out what you want to about her - you might have to be patient.