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Lucas Shaftmoor Lane Branch Works 4



I recall my MiL used to work at Formans Road but that may have been in a training capacity. It is just that the racking looks much older than I have previously seen at Shaftsmoor Lane.


master brummie
Strange how many Brummies including myself refer to it as Shaftsmoor Lane when in fact it is Shaftmoor, easier to pronounce I suppose.


BW3 - Starters & generators. BW4 - Lamps (head lights, sidelights etc) BW5 - Gas Turbines. I think Formans Rd Batteries was BW1. I started life after college at BW3 c. 1960

Neville Philpott

I wonder what the factory prefix 'BW' actually stood for?

Neville Philpott

'Branch works' yes of course, fancy me working for Lucas and not knowing that, another senior moment....

ted telford

New Member
My late father in law Cyril Collett worked in bw4 toolroom from 1949 to about 1980 can anyone remember what type of tooling he would have been making


gone but not forgotten
Hi ted

I wonder if he worked in the same shop as my uncle George, his name was George Jelf he was there as a tool maker
And political carerer , he died last year at the ripe old age of 99 years old and he was shortly short of three months of reaching 100 years old
He would have received his telegram from the queen ,he would have known your father for certain,
Best wishes Astonian,,,,,,,


I don't know why I started at J. Lucas on Shaftsmoor Lane because I had always been an outdoor type of person, I still am really. I started in BW3 working on heavy press machines. After a couple of weeks the foreman (Fred) stopped for a chat. He pointed out that he had noticed that I used a m/cycle to get to work and he asked if I ever did my own repairs. I said yes and I do a few jobs on cars as well. He then offered me a job as a setter operator on the hand press section, I said yes and I was put with a full setter for a few shifts then I worked alone. I would set the required tool in the press then start work as a press operator. I did not like it and was not there long.

Jamie allen

knowlegable brummie
My both grandparents worked at Lucas, shaftmoor lane, they met each other there and went on to get married.my late nan was called Joan ruane, and my grandad was called Barry turner, does anyone remember them ,I’m not to sure of the year they both worked there, I would be very grateful for any information as they were a big part of my life ♥️ Many thanks Jamie


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I started in BW3 in around 1967 grinding "pole pieces" then moved into BW4, my boss on the starter assembly [ I was a tool-setter ] was Mr Dennis Parkes.....a really great guy. Then I went tool-setting on Bliss Power Presses and eventually moved to Plastics Factory in Telford