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Lucas Great King Street memories

trevor bow

master brummie
Great - I can see my old house - between the L & I of Little backing on to Bridge St west - 1st house, 3rd block from Guest st end!

Re your old house on that map Brian, I looked closely and realised I could see my old house as well. There was an alleyway called 'Cottage Row' that ran off Bridge Street West down the side of St Saviour's Chuch which was on the crossroads of Villa St, Guest St and BSW. There were 5 houses either side and my family lived at number 3. We moved to Northfield in 1954 when I was just coming up to 8 years old.

Would anyone out there who worked for Lucas remember my spinster aunt, Alice Bow ? She lived eventually in Tipton after the war, and worked for Lucas all her life. She retired at 60 in the summer of 1971, but unfortunately I don't know which department(s) she worked for.

Trevor Bow.


master brummie
Blimey, no wonder that those of us with a car in 1960 were hard up - all these would have been "extras":
Foglamp: £92
Reversing lamp: £67
Battery filler: £14
Screenwasherkit: £84.

Chris, yes.....those prices are crazy fourteen pounds for a glass bottle and a couple of pieces of plastic! I used my moms milk server.


proper brummie kid
Edit. Please note any missing photos from this thread may be available on the Lucas Memories site in the Great King Street 25 section here (in the menu on the left-hand side). http://www.lucasmemories.co.uk/site/GreatKingStreet/index.html

Who remembers the big Christmas party done every year for children of Lucas employees; with gift pack at conclusion? Professional entertainers, for children, delivered.
Lucas also gave employees a Christmas box (a kind of hamper).

The huge plant at Great King Street, very well built, could have been put to many good uses. It is utterly astounding it was razed. Condominiums, perhaps? A barbaric waste (nothing unusual of course).

Lucas transferred the bulk of production to South Africa. Cheap labour and no sophisticated veteran labour movement issues to deal with.
Two birds; one stone. The Shaftmoor Lane complex employed several thousand industrious artisans. [The BWs]

Very terrible business altogether. Needless to say no mass protest?
I remembered
Morning Chris, A well deserved memorial to George Griffiths and Lucas Home Guard and all members of Britains Home Guard. Len.
I remember going to the Lucas Christmas party. My mom worked there in the clean shop I think it was called. When I left school I also worked there in the typing pool, I think it was M1 or something similar. I remember Pat Jones the manager and his secretary Angela Welham. I remember names like Steve Horrocks, Alex Titchener and Martyn Bryan and Andrew Parfitt I think he was called. A lady called Joan was my supervisor. Very nice environment to work in.