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Lucas Formans Road


master brummie
I'm new to this forum, but one has to start somewhere.
My Dad was a long serving employee of Joseph Lucas, Formans Road Division. He served over 40 years with them. His name was George Douglas Spencer, but most called him Doug . He was head of the design office battery division for most of his latter years and one of his claims to fame was the Lucas battery filler. He also designed a special battery to fit into Prince Charles's A40 pedal car so making it battery powered.
He retired from Lucas's in 1959 and enjoyed nearly 30 years of retirement until he died aged 92. He was at the time the oldest Lucas pensioner on the books.
Having served four years in France in the first world war, it was even more remarkable that he lived such a long life. He and my mother were married for 65 years and had four sons me being the youngest.
I wonder if there is anyone alive today that remembered my Dad.

Alan Spencer (Bikeral72)


master brummie
Re: Newby first post

Hi Alan and welcome to the forum.
Your dad must have had some great stories to tell, nice to see some on the site.
There is a thread about Lucas's, if you type Lucas into the search box on the right top side of the forum page, you will see the link, your dad may already have been mentioned on there.
Where did your parents live? - there may be folk who remember them from home as well as work.


master brummie
Re: Newby first post

Thanks for that Jennyann, I will troll through it and see if I can find someone I know.


proper brummie kid
Lucas Forman road football team.jpg
LUCAS Formans Road Football Team (Battery Dept)-Inter-departmental Cup Winners 1931-2.
My Dad Billy Spiers (bottom left cross legged) worked in the battery die-casting dept at Formans road from (well at least 1931) until he retired in 1975 (Became a shop steward in later years). He played for Lucas' (not just Formans Road) until well into his 40's (so the 1950's) and captained the team for some time. Not all inter-departmental of course but against other (mainly industrial) firms.

Can't remember the name of the amateur league they played in but over time -as I had to accompany him certainly from the age of about 8 - I must have visited just about every amateur football ground in Birmingham and the Black Country.