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Lower Temple Street


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Took me a while to figure out where this was.

Of course it is pedestrianized now (as is New St you are standing in).

New St station in the distance of course, though now looking totally different with its shiny silver covering.

Really glad people took photos of these "ordinary" things to show how things change. I try to do the same today, going round the city taking loads of photos.


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That's where Starbucks is now at the corner of New Street and Lower Temple Street. The Potato Man is usually outside on weekdays. Thomson / TUI was on the right but it closed down.

Image below from Google Maps Street View.
Lower Temple St 2016.jpg


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Policeman: "Now what do we have here then ?"
Horse: " No idea, nuffin to do with me guv "




ell brown on Flickr
The New Street thread is not coming up on a search again, so will post this under Lower Temple Street.

Mainly taken as not a busy now that the Birmingham FCM is gone.

Tim Hortons at the corner of New Street and Lower Temple Street in the White House building.


No. 111, The White House, started as a similar building to the Burlington Hotel block beyond Lower Temple Street, of 1874-5 by Plevins. Reconstructed 1911-12 by Nichol & Nichol for Hortons' Estate with a new steel frame and elevations of fine concrete render scored to imitate faience. Open top arcade mirroring Piccadilly, the uneven spacing betraying the reconstruction.