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Lost Lidos


proper brummie kid
Re: Bourneville Lido

Thank you for this. it was a very pleasant pool, and even saw a Swimming International at one point. How sad that a place of such "paradise" can be rubbished away. The cuttings sound very interesting. I'm wondering if you could copy them. Would this be easy laying the cuttings book into a copier. it could then be scanned. Do you do this? Or they could be staight scanned onto a computer and saved onto desktop and serve as an attachment for any info posted onto a forum. Thanks so much for the information
Hi i Remember the Rowheath lido and i used to be in there all summer and i used to play in the park too it was my hangout as a kid. I lived in selly oak road from 1968 and my father passed in 2007 he still lived there. The lido was brill back then its such a shame it was demolished and turned into a housing estate, many happy hour spent there, i will ask my mates see if anyone has any pictures. One of my friends parent back in the late 70s maybe very early 80s im not sure tried to reopen it. Keith Reuben


master brummie
A lost lido in Trowbridge Wiltshire, now a Tesco I think. I was 21 and stationed at nearby RAF Melksham in 1957. I learnt to swim there on the day these photos were taken, one minute I could not swim next minute I could.
We've lost a few Lidos in the Birmingham area as they have everywhere. I did post the top photo in the Kingstanding thread and challenged the Baron to find me in the pic - took him a few minutes !

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Anne Jessel

master brummie
Re: Another Picture of Sutton Park Lido

I have now posted up Malvern Park Lido with info sent by Darren on my refurbished sites https://www.lostlidos.co.uk/2012/07/27/malvern-park-lido-1954/ and https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/malvernpark.html

lso more on The Bath Tub https://www.lostlidos.co.uk/2012/07/06/birmingham-the-bath-tub-1937/ and https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/thebathtub-birmingham.html

My sister in Solihull has researched the Shirley Lido and the Greswolde Lido for me - (I researched some but I needed more info and I persuaded her to visit Brum Library) and I shall be picking up this weekend when I'm visiting her in Solihull

If you would comment directly on my sites it would be good otherwise may I ask your permission to quote any comments (with acknowledgements) on my sites?


Looking forward to the info on the Greswolde Lido. Only saw it from the outside a relative of my first wife used to run the Greswolde Hotel in the Thirties. Not sure if the two were linked?
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Anne Jessel

master brummie
Looking forward to the info on the Greswolde Lido. Only saw it from the outside by my first wife's relative used to run the Greswolde Hotel. Not sure if the two were linked?
Just arrived back from Solihull. My sister has got just what I want on The Greswolde Lido! plus extra info on Shirley Lido. I shall be entering the info on the website this week. I need to find out if the Lido was linked to the hotel, because as you see on an aerial view, I have laid the pool a little way behind the hotel by way of deduction from Google 1945 and it is more along Crab Mill Lane.
I've set her the task of finding interior shots of Rolphe Street Baths now, plus history of Grove Lane Baths Handsworth Birmingham. Also she took me to Malvern Park today where we looked for, and saw the pool site -although Darren sent me lots of interesting info which I had already uploaded.

Anne Jessel

master brummie
Hi all,
I've added info to my Malvern Park Lido page - https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/malvernpark.html please continue on to comment if you have memories or anything to add.
Also of course here !
One day I shall be turning my website into a book! To me, nothing beats taking one off the shelf , curling up-and... enjoy.

I'll be adding Greswolde Lido possibly today and Shirley Lido this week.

Thank you everyone. Anne

paul stacey

master brummie
Re: From Birmingham Post 150 years ago

I had a mate in Cambridge who bought an old 1949 Council house he had a downstairs toilet, but bathroom upstairs. Funny,!!!Paul


proper brummie kid
Can someone tell me where the Open air swimming pool was in Small Heath around 1930's. Was it in Small Heath park ? Are there any other photos of it ?

When my father got married in 1935 the men went for a swim in the afternoon (Well said dad, it was something to do !) I think this might have been taken on that day and it certainly looks to be outdoors.
He was living at 91 Greenway Street and the woman were left there to organise the wedding tea.


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