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Lorries - Shenstone Transport, Marsh Lane, Erdington

Reg Mills 107

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Are you thinking of the sandy outcrop that is at Salford Bridge and behind the houses of Minstead Road.
No, I remember the Salford bridge end of minstead road, my cousins lived towards the bottom on the RH side. The sand area I am thinking about was the other end of minstead towards wheelwright road.


This forum is remarkable, it makes it possible to relive the past, it unlocks so many memories........
I also remember going to Erdington on the midland red with my mother, catching it at the top of goosemore lane and court lane. S76 via court lane and S67 via goosemore . Every 15 min service, good old days.
Reg mills
The S67 and S76 commenced in 1938 and 1939 respectively. Midland Red withdrew these services 1 Feb 1971, Photo taken from a great book, "Birmingham Buses Route by Route 1925-1975 by Malcolm Keeley".


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Just spoken to a relative who still lives in the area, she says not Marsh Lane, she says that Stockland coaches were in Marsh Hill,the area know as Stockland Green there is a Kwik fit place there now and that Shenstone were at the bottom of Marsh Hill by Boulton walk that leads to Brookvale Lake.