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Looking for TURNERS


proper brummie kid
Could it be Mary Carl?

There is a marriage for a Joseph Turner and a Mary Carl registered Bham Sep qtr 1887. And birth registered for a John Turner Bham Mar qtr 1893. No middle name listed but that's not uncommon.

On his marriage to John's daughter H Eagles is listed as Harry but still could have been Henry at birth.
Excellent reply MWS....Appreciated on this ....its got me a little further up on the scales now....I ve also managed to find out that John s Daughter was Lillian...and yes....married to a HARRY EAGLES.......really happy with all the responses....made my Christmas so to speak......Hopefully it won t be long before I gather all the information on the TURNERS and the BUTLERS side of the family, with NELLY BUTLER....Thanks again


master brummie
Just a word of caution the Turner/Carl marriage and John Turner birth could be coincidence. Corroboration of some sort would be good to confirm.


proper brummie kid
Yes I understand MWS, ....fortunately....Ive managed to obtain a Birth Certificate and it is indeed the 29th of December 1892......so really happy about that part.....there was also the Death certificate that was signed by his Son in Law....and that has been confirmed as HARRY EAGLES.....It was the parents on the Birth Certificate....was nt really clear ....It showed as CANE or CASE....so yes....I ll carry on with that part....then hopefully I ll be checking up on the Nellie Butler side as I ve been told that she was part of the family MITCHELLS and BUTLERS........Really appreciate all this advice MWS....as after 53 years, im finally putting a lot of closures together.....Thank you