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Looking for Terry Hopewell

Sue keen

New Member
Hi fellow brummie, I'm new to the site so not sure if I'm allowed to search for someone. Here I go anyway,.
My mum and uncle are looking for there cousin Terry Hopewell, who they were very fond of in there childhood.
Their names are Eileen and David Hill, their mum and dad were Winnie and Alf Hill, they moved around Birmingham alot in the war years as they kept being bombed out but final ended up in Alexander Road, Acocks Green. Where mum lived until 1957.
They would be really grateful for any info, thank you x


Staff member
hi sue i have moved this thread to the looking for old friends and family section...

if anyone can help sue please contact her via our private message system as this enquiry may relate to a living person...thank you



master brummie
It might help you could give an approximate age. Also do you know if he was Terry or is that short for Terence or if he happened to be known by a second name (it does happen and then they revert to their real first name later)? Every detail can help.