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Looking for Irene May Bishop or family of her.


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Hi, I'm looking for Irene May Bishop, on the 11 April 1948, she gave birth to a son she named him "Roy Bishop" the birth was at 376 Wolverhampton Road, Heath Town. She states that she was a single mum and we believe but it has not been confirmed that she was 16 years old. It says she was a typist at Aluminium Works of 27 Rann Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. She lived at 36 Merridale Road, Wolverhampton. Which is a mother and baby home. Roy was then placed at Hope Lodge and it was from here he was collected on July 11th 1948 and officially adopted by his new parents on the 19/11/1948.

Roy was given a new name and he had a great upbringing by his adoptive parents. They were very honest and explained to him that he was adopted but loved very much both them and his mum, but she was young and could not have given him the best in life so she made the hard decision for him to be adopted. He had not tried to locate his birth mum, as at the time his adoptive parents were alive and he didn't want to upset them. Sadly, they have both passed away and he feels he could not trace perhaps a family he has never met. Irene may still be alive or also passed away. She might have married and gone on to have more children, which would be Roy's step siblings. He is really keen to see if he could trace the family, but also accepts that they may not want to be traced. But he needs to try.

So if anyone can please help we would be really grateful. I am studying the birth, marriages and death records, but thought I would also try by putting this out to you great people.

Kind Regards


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this is always a difficult situation and we always hope things turn out ok so we wish you well with your search...as this may relate to living persons if anyone can help laptop please make contact via our private message system...(click on envelope top right of the main page)



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His first port of call should be the local authority adoption services. He will need to have an interview with them and be counselled before they will release his adoption information. It is then possible to use a third party tracing service who may make contacts.