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looking for info, on HMS CULLIS SANK FEB 1918


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
this is probaly a long shot but is it possible some body may have a picture or knowledg of this ship the hms cullis which was sank in feb 1918
as a relative of mine was on board
is it possible to trace any info as to where it sank and names of the crew on board i would love dearly to get a print or picture of this ship
many thanks for all of you whom can spare any time to let me know
best wishes astonian

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
HMS Cullis/WESTPHALIA, 11th February 1918, Irish Sea, NE of Dublin, Ireland - sunk by German U-boat. Q-ship "Westphalia" (or "Cullis", ex-cargo ship "Jurassic", 1,470grt, 1-4in, 2-14in tt, 1913); her complement and casualties are not known


gone but not forgotten
hi guys
just liketo thank you all for the help you have all given me on this subject as a relative of mine was on that ship when it sank
i am currently reading up on the history of it and it was a great start from such wonderful friends i have on this magnificant sight
thanks again friends and for all the good you do for each and every member of this great sight that jim and hillary are keeping for us i havebeen trying to contact jim for me to enable to pay my wack and support for this yet again i say wonderful site best wishes as always astonian