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Looking for family history


New Member
I am currently doing some research on my family history. My Nan, Patricia Houghton (previously Norton) has wanted to know where her father is buried or was cremated. This is difficult to find as she was very young when he died and her mother couldn't remember a lot surrounding his death except that he died from Tuberculosis in the 1940's when he was about 41. I have since found that Arthur Horace Norton was born on the 22nd January 1905 and died in June 1946. I have since found his birth certificate stating he was born in Court 4, Cheapside, Aston to an Alice Norton (previously Bates) and Walter Norton. Walter was a builder labourer when Arthur was born. Arthur was a "Railway cart painter" in 1939. He had 7 children, 4 girls, 3 boys. When he died they were sent to Father Hudson's until they reached 15/16 years old. If anyone knows anything that may help my family search, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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According to birminghamburialrecords.co.uk there was an Arthur Norton buried/cremated at Lodge Hill Crematorium in Sept 1946. It would cost £5 to view the entry although there is no guarantee it's the person you're looking for.


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There's a death for an Arthur Ernest Norton registered in Sep 1946, West Brom (same as Arthur Horace) so the Sep burial could be his.


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Thank you both. I had found this a couple of weeks ago and was convinced it must have been him so I purchased the record but unfortunately not.