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Looking For Any Possible Family Ties To The Famous Music Hall Star Nellie Wallace


Proud Brummie!

I was wondering if anyone could help me with any genealogy information about the famous music hall star Nellie Wallace (Born in Glasgow 1870, Died in London 1948)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nellie_Wallace

Are you related to her in any way?

My Dad (R.I.P.) always mentioned her being related to the Parker family somehow but I never knew if it was on his Dad's side or his Mom's side who's maiden name was Percival. It would be great if I could find a connection somehow!

Regards, Frank.


master brummie
Not much to go on but I don't think it's the Percival side. In the 1911 census Catherine's (if I've got the right person) parents are listed as Thomas and Florence (nee Clamp).

Thomas' birth is given as 1878 Worsley, Lancs and Florence's as 1884 Darleston, Staffs. Florence's parents were both born in Staffs. Can't find anything else on Thomas, which may mean something is wrong on the 1911 census.

Parker is more common so would need more info, and if your dad used to say it as you have it would imply to me that he did mean the Parkers.


Proud Brummie!
Thanks for replying MWS,

Unfortunately I don't have a lot to go on either! My Dad never spoke much about the family.

Thomas is indeed her Dad and Florence Ives (Not Clamp?) is her Mom. Her brother was Sam Ives. This is information I got from My Dad's Cousin in Canada who has also passed away now. The birth dates and places are right what you stated though. Thomas died and Florence remarried Samuel Wilkes. His Cousin is Catherine Nora Wilkes. She gave me quite a bit of information about her side of the family (i.e. Florence B. Percival, my Dad's Mom's Sister). As I say the Parker's from my Dad's Dad William and before that are a mystery to me? I do know of my Cousin's Son who has done a lot of research but he doesn't seem to want to share it with me! All I know is William was born in Wolverhampton married Catherine Percival, born 1904 I think and died June 1994 in Wolverhampton. I have a lot of relatives from The Scotlands/Busbury/Low Hill area so I presume that's where they lived too from birth to death?

I appreciate it would be time consuming and hard to find this information out without a lead to go on so I will leave it. It was a long shot but I thought it was worth asking in case any Wallace's were related to her on here. Thank's again anyway.


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master brummie
Well that's curious because there's no marriage listed for a Thomas Percival and a Florence Ives (though there is for Percival and Clamp) and living with Thomas and Florence on the 1911 census is a Samuel Clamp (don't know if it lists him as brother in law). Though Florence and Samuel seem to be listed living with their father in 1911 also.

Anyway your message is still here so hopefully someone with a connection will see it but if you do decide to dig a little deeper William and Catherine's marriage certificate would be the place to start to find the name of William's father (if you don't already know it).