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Looking for any information on Francis William Bateman.


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Hi, I am looking for any information, regarding my father (who is now deceased) but I never knew anything about him apart from having been married to my mother in 1959 in Birmingham. My father was 69 when he died 16 years ago. It seems as though none of the family wanted me to know anything about him as I think he may have been in prison at some stage in Birmingham but I don't know where. His parents lived at 28 Hallam Street Birmingham. I would like to know where he went to School and if he was in the army at all, I don't know where to look.
I would be so grateful if anyone could help me at all. My fathers name was Francis William Bateman but known as Frank William Bateman. He had 5 sisters and 1 step sister. Thank you.


master brummie
He would probably have done National Service. The records for that are not online they have to be applied for and, I think, paid for. If you do a search on this forum (via magnifying glass top right) the address is on #11 of the Victor Biddle thread).
Other recent records are often closed because of the 100 year rule regarding possible living people.


master brummie
There appears to be a newspaper report about him on findmypast. Birmingham Daily Post 16 Nov 1956.

This is the preview...

Dropped From Course, Stole Rivalry between regiments was b:amed by a regular soldier in The Royal Warwickshire Regiment who was...
...Warwick. of stealing a marksman's badge and a handkerchief from a barrack-room-mate in the Sherwood Foresters. Pte. Frank William Bateman (19). was sentenced to six months' detention and to be discharged from the Army with ignominy. The sentence is subject...


master brummie
Been having a bit of a look at your Bateman's and it appears quite a complicated history.

I've made a couple of assumptions. Were his sisters Joan, Kathleen, Lilian, Dorothy & Elizabeth and his half sister Annie? Also was his father much older than his mother?

If so then it is possible he had an elder brother Norman b1928. Not only that but he might have had a much older half brother and 2 much older half sisters.

It also appears that your Batemans were living at 28 Hallam St for at least 40 years. First your great grandmother Elizabeth 1912, your grandparents in 1939 and your aunt Lilian seems to have still been there in 1955.
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