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Long gone shops


master brummie
I remember the name Plotnek , his forename John . In the 70's he was in to property ,his cousin joined the company I worked for which was electrical wholesaling . Then about twenty five years later a gentleman walked into the trade counter , I was called out to be of assistance . The customer turned out to be his son .


master brummie
In early '60s I used to buy TV aerials and associated items such as splitter boxes from a shop which I think was Plotniks. If I remember correctly it was up Soho Road or near abouts. Can anyone recall it? Before the days of Maplins!
Hello jukebox............I think I remember Plotniks. it seems they had all sorts of electrical stuff there!


master brummie
Norman A Field or alternatively Norman AH Field one or the other rings a bell for one of the retailers
AH Field was into property lettings. I completed a new telephone system for his son in the 80s in serviced offices in New St. I was led to believe the family name was originally Hirschfield.


Brummie Dude
:grinning:you are all wrong the best pork pie p was made in a little shop next to the digby pub water orton.:yum:yum

Ray T

master brummie
In the 50s as a boy I lived in Long St, down an "entry" called Winterdyne Place. At the mouth of it, old Mrs Spencer kept her little shop. My mother used to send me in to buy Woodbine cigarettes in twos or threes. When we wanted salt, Mrs Spencer would break chunks from a large block and weigh them on her big pan scales. On the walls outside her shop I recall those enamelled-metal signs advertising things like R White's Lemonade and Senior Service cigarettes. They're worth a lot of money to collectors now.


master brummie
Warm pork pies ......mmmmmmmm

Viv it's funny you've mentioned that , 1969/71 when I worked at a firm on Upper Gough St . We used to call into The Gough Arms after the days toil . My mate used to have a pasty which the gaffer used to thrown a cold one into some sort of heater , I asked for a pork pie , which accidently ended up in the heater . Strangely enough it tasted ok , so I ordered another the test was over after the second one both tasted very nice , I haven't had another one since though .