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LOADS of trouble with My Computer


master brummie
I am getting loads of trouble with my computer.
I cannot seem to restore my computer to a previous point in time.
I cannot seem to access DELL as I may have forgotten my password and it did not recognise my email address anyway.
Would be great to have some help sorting this out.


Hello there Ernie,
If you go back to System Restore, as well as the possibility of restoring your computer to an earlier time, there's the alternative of creating a restore point. Have you tried doing this, and then attempting to restore to the newly created restore point. Remember that you can only use bold dates as restore points.
As regards your second problem, as Dell doesn't recognise your email address, have you considered re-registering? Only suggestions, but they may help. Will speak to you on Monday, David


master brummie
help please!!!
i for some reason with the new update lost my avitars,
my albums and all other pics,and i cannot open any of pictures,
people are putting on plus the top of the screen where my name notifications and log off are just visable.
regards dereklg


gone but not forgotten
Hi Derek,
As a shot in the dark I would suggest you make sure you're properly logged in. Other than that, I'm afraid, you'll have to consult someone in Admin.


Derek do a system restore,i never let the computer update because it caused probs weather this is right or wrong but it works for me



gone but not forgotten
I thought Derek was having trouble with the forum as the last Windows update was a few weeks ago.


master brummie
Hi Oisin,thanks for replying i,ve been away for a couple of days,and it,s still the same
it,s annoying i sent Warren an im and he has,nt got me back yet......
catch you later Derek


gone but not forgotten
Sorry Derek but are you saying the problem is with accessing various things in the forum then, or is it a problem affecting your PC whatever you try to do on it?


master brummie
i can,t access any photo,s avitars of my friends in photos people put on or my photo album.
it has been since the weekend can,t work out why???? regards Derek


The buck stops here
Staff member
Hello Derek, sorry about Warren not getting back to you but his new baby is due anytime now.
I have had a quick look but everything this end seems OK, I have rebooted your settings so give it a try now and let me know.
thanks, Jim


master brummie
Hello Jim thanks for that,
it did,nt help i,m know expert- untill now i could,nt get on the forum plus i could,ne even get on the net.
i,ve been all over it seems it was a problem,know one could help you with,
i got there in the end fingers crossed. hope all goes well with warren and his wife great times ahead,
cheers Jim see you tomorrow?regards Derek