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Live Webcams


master brummie
Thanks a lot Lloyd :thumbsup: thats a great link for live Webcams
it`ll take me days to view them all, i`ll get back to you to
let you know which cam i find best .
Cheers Lloyd .... ragga .:)

Ann B


Not a U.K. one, but I like the Sorrento San Cesareo Webcam, that is focused on the tabachi shop. It is a favourite with Slow Travel visitors.



master brummie

I know its not Birmingham but found this the other day which i think its fairly new and a lot of Brummies use
to holiday here , so if you like high tides and trains you`ll love this :fat:
the only downside theres no sound which is a pity .
ragga :fat:


master brummie
Hi. Ragga.. Theres a live webcam in Burnham on Sea along the sea front, I will give you a wave as we walk past it most mornings.