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Little Bromwich Hospital


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Alan , do you mean the Tamarind Centre.
They certainly have patients with challenging behaviour problems which means the centre has to have secure facilities but I believe the people sentenced by the courts go to the Reaside clinic in Rednal.

Anthony N Dowling

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I to was in Little Bromwich Hospital in 1949 aged 3 growing up nobody spoke about my illness it was all hush hush.My Doctor in 2014 told me that I had Meningitis I realise now that I am lucky to be alive so a big THANK YOU to the NHS.


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I to was in Little Bromwich Hospital in 1949 aged 3 growing up nobody spoke about my illness it was all hush hush.My Doctor in 2014 told me that I had Meningitis I realise now that I am lucky to be alive so a big THANK YOU to the NHS.
Anthony I too had meningitis I was in LBH in 1957 , my mother was frightened to death . Reason is a female cousin of mine in the ROI died with it about 8yrs earlier , I had a couple of lumbar punctures while there came out and had another couple of weeks off school to recuperate . The strange thing about it was when our GP was called out after I took bad , he said it was a bad cold/flu when he was called again his locum came and got me into LBH straight away


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john i would say you were very lucky especially in those days...we are more advanced now thank goodness



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So that's what it looked like from the outside. I was in there for seven weeks with diptheria in either 1942 or 43. I can remember that the beds seemed very high off the floor. The kid in the next bed to me had a box of quality coloured pencils that my parents could never afford and one day he dropped one on the floor. No staff were about and I egged him on to get out of bed and retrieve it, something that we were forbidden to do. With no one in sight, I called him a wimp (or whatever was the favourite equivalent word at that time), and got out of bed to get it myself. Out of nowhere I felt the hand of a nurse on my shoulder and seconds later another showed up, loudly shouting at me for getting out of bed. The upshot of this was that minutes later I was put back to bed in a straitjacket for the remainder of my stay.

I also remember the nightly supper routine, each getting a coarse earthenware basin containing either bread & milk (sop) or oxtail soup. We were each previously asked which we would like for supper each night and I had always chosen sop. This particular night the oxtail soup smelled really good, so I opted to have that, and it really was good. But that night, it really worked wonders for my gastric system and gave me diarrhoea and I messed the bed! Early that morning all Hell let lose, and the bed had to be stripped and me given a thorough washing. It was sop for supper every night from then on, though it tasted very bland after that oxtail soup.

I can't remember a visit from my parents at all during my stay, and 75 years on, I can't recollect any other details of my stay. But some months later, scarlet fever was doing the rounds, and my mother told me that if I caught it, it would most likely mean another spell in Little Bromwich. Thank goodness that never materialised.

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Hi everyone, i've just received my great-grandfather's death certificate and he died in 153 Yardley Green Road which thanks to this forum i've learnt was a TB hospital which is what he died of sadly in August 1946. Bit of a long shot but were there any patients there at that time on this forum who possibly knew or remembered him?! Alfred George Mewis, he would have been 63 at the time. Thanks in advance.

Yvonne B

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can anyone tell me where Little Bromage isolation hospital was.
I was a 6yr old patient in 1946 suffering diphtheria.
I had my tonsils out in Litle Bromwich Hospital in 1958. I lived near to Selly Oak Hospital so I don’t know why I was sent there.

Lady Penelope

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Little Bromwich hospital is now Heartlands hospital, in Bordesley Green. Built originally as an infectious diseases hospital. My son was in Good Hope in the 1980's and caught measles. He had to be taken to Heartlands and put in isolation. Another relative may have been in the hospital at the same time as you - he caught diptheria after going to Devon for his holidays and playing near the sewage outfall pipe which emptied onto the beach (I'm sure it doesn't now).
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The hospital has its origins in an infectious diseases hospital known as City Hospital, Little Bromwich which was completed in June 1895. Intended for activation only at times of medical emergency, it was tasked with responding to a typhoid fever outbreak in 1901. Three additional pavilions and a nurses' home were added in 1904. It treated patients with scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria and tuberculosis during the First World War.

After joining the National Health Service as Little Bromwich Hospital in 1948, it became a general hospital in 1953. It was renamed East Birmingham Hospital in 1963 and saw considerable expansion in the 1970s.The world's last smallpox patient, Janet Parker, was treated at the hospital during the smallpox outbreak in 1978. It became Heartlands Hospital in 1993.


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Re: little bromage hospital

I wad in Little Bromwich when I was five years old in 1941 with whooping cough and double pneumonia and our ward was opposite to the Diptheria ward on the first floor. We were all wheeled out onto open - air balconies all day however cold it wad and we could wave to children in your ward. I wad in there for six weeks and parents were only allowed to visit once a week on the promise that we would not cry when we saw them with their masks and gowns on but of course we always did. It wad very scary to be without your Mom and Dad for such a long time.
Hi pat I have been researching a little about little Bromwich hospital. Came across the site . I actually trained at east Birmingham hospital in 1975 to 1978 was searching for old pictures of the original little Bromwich hospital. My uncle was a patient their before I was born . Polio . He survived .