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Lindley Road

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I found my in-laws at 159 Lindley Road in the 1939 register, so where was Lindley Road?
I recall my wife saying they lived in Ashted before moving to Kingstanding but can't find the road on today's maps so I guess it's long gone.


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There is no Lindley road listed in the 1939 Kellys. There is a Linden road in both Bournville and Smethwick, or possibly it was outside the Birmingham borders such as Solihull

Eric Gibson

master brummie
It's definitely Lindley Road in the 1939 register

I wonder if the road name is poorly transcribed, it's quite a long road, house numbers go up to near 200.
The original image is in pretty poor condition, almost unreadable.


Ex-pat Brummie
Looks more like Finchley Road to me, Eric, looking at the original images.

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Eric Gibson

master brummie
That would be interesting Maurice, one of their youngest sons died after falling in the pond at Finchley Road Park (not sure if he drowned or caught cold) but I didn't think they were in that area in 1939

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I've been back to the images and scrolled through the adjacent pages, it looks as though you are correct Maurice, Finchley Road it is. Thanks.