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Lincoln Street Motors


Ex-pat Brummie

I well remember Lincoln Street Motors on several sites, and have no particular interest in them, but I've just spent a very pleasant half hour paging through your terrific images via the link in Post #21. I stopped at the NSU Prinz and will resume on another day, but when I was much younger, it was a car I always wanted to own. I would have probably regretted it, but I really fancied it at the time. Thanks for the link.


paul stacey

master brummie
The place to see old "NSU Prinz's", is Denmark, they even have the original delivery plastic still on the seats.Paul


Ex-pat Brummie
Hi Paul,

I was last in Denmark in 1969 as part of a business trip, so didn't really get much of a chance to look around. Nice restaurants & food, but very expensive even then. Not likely to see it again as age cuts down the travelling and my place of choice is Tuscany, where the the food and ice cream is great and not expensive, and the wine is better on both counts!



knowlegable brummie
This thread takes me back to my early teens, my friend lived in Wenman Street Balsall Heath between Pearson Street and Edward Road and Lincoln Street Motors had a repair place between his house and Edward Road. As car mad kids we would always be looking at the American cars which were usually parked in the street waiting to be fixed. I can remember the name Falkenstein although I did not know him but I can remember a fancy American car I think a Chevrolet Impala registration KF 4 which used to appear and I was told belonged to the owner. The same car or registration was always on the drive of a house in Mackenzie Road Moseley when I did my paper round for Martins newsagents in Saint Marys Row about 1964/5, maybe that's where he lived.
Maybe I should have applied for a job with Sherlock Holmes !


gone but not forgotten
I recall lincoln street motors ,they was competitors to the cressswell brothers whom are the founders of Bristol Street motors when it was a little one small showroom way back in time on the bristol road
Just short of sun street west and the bristol cinaphone picture house along bristol roadand they poached
A couple of there car cleaners to come and join us
And they took another unit down by the soho taveren winson green in the days of the old cortinas and the
Anglia and ford zephers that came from fords which was delivered tnere
And inspected and highly serviced before they was dispatched to bristol street
Car show room and head office fred waklin was there depot manager
And freds brother from dudley road was there head mechanic and he also done the
Under sealing to the cars before shipping down to bristol street
I was a young kid at the time never got much of a wage there ,
There was about four other people down smethwich which was cleaning for them
To london brothers whom was friends of Harry cresswell i worked along side
Of them i was the little young kid in the garage, i was only getting pittance
So one day i went to work and i said to the guys i,m gonna asked for a wage rise
And they laughed so when he came in to the office that morning
I chose my time to go or should i say i plucked up my nerve and said to these two guys
Right i am going to go in the office and asked for a pay rise, they laughed at me
And said go on son go in and asked ,his office was a wide widow all around
So he could see every body on the shop floor so also these guys could see me from there
Postion so i bold over and knocked the office door,come in he said
So in i walked and asked him if i could have a pay rise
He laughed at me and paused and he said okay son, yes you can,and he smiled
So did I, he said you can have a three penny rise 3d in those dayd
I said thank you to him and walked across the shop floor with a smile they said how did you get on
I said he as given me a 3d pay rise they said blimmey we want one but they never went into one
After about eight weeks i decidec to enlist in the Army , so i went back to his office
And he said what now son, I asked him for a reference to join up and again he said no problem
And he got me a written reference to join
Eventualy i came out on leave and decide to go anfpd visit the lads
But they had grew larger in business they had employed a securtiy on there gates
To prevent people walking in the premise, i was stopped by security and asked whom what and why
Whom are you , i had yet another smile to myself
Because the security guy said, Oh you must have been that young kid some time ago
Whom boldly went in and asdked for a pay rise and later you back for a reference
I said oh yes thats me, and he said i,ve heard alot about you and let me through

john knight

I used to do a lot of signwriting at Bristol st. motors,both Bristol st. and Winson Green, did 10 vans once for West Bromwich football club.


gone but not forgotten
Hi olold
The garage on the very first corner of your moderen day photo, which incicently
Is a cracker of a picture would be meriden street.
And as far back as i can recall there was always a motor dealer/ car sales which actualy
Had taken the whole corner up by those traffic lights and it always had expensive cars in the show room
It was the expensdive ones of the era going back in time as i recall as a kid
Way back in the forty /fifty onwards there paint work on there show rooms was never clean
Always dirty and blistard and peeling off and dirty windows
A couple of doors along going back up meriden street was mr king of the Banana trade in around the
Old bull ring as it was in those days he had his bigger ware house just across the road
Where alot of traders was selling in those days he was always dressed smart just .ike a cockney spiff
He supplied all the traders for all thefe bannas as he was the biggest importer in the bull ring
When i used to walk along meriden street passing his gates i used to think about those big spiders
What comes in them boxes what my mom used to tell me as we was walking to her mom and dad
On new cannal street which continues along from meriden street
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