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Like a Frog


master brummie
A young boy was taken to see his Grandad who was ill in
hospital,the lad said "can you make a noise like a frog
Grandad" the old man said , No! I dont think so why?
The boy said I heard Nana say to Mommy when you croak we are all going to DisneyWorld.:D


master brummie
Hi Jean, I think its a joke, I cant see any young lad thinking about his old Grandad, although it wouild notsurprise me in this day and age! I never had a
Grandad or mother ,we were too poor, the only time we
had dripping was when the folk next door had a joint,
of meat I must add. bye for now, take care


Must have been a boon to get out to Yardley Wood then Bernard ;)

I lived off Priory Road for a short while after I got married BTW. And before that off Trittiford Road.


master brummie
Hi Bernie, Yardley Wood wasnt too bad, I was almost three when we moved there, tell you what it was a great
improvement on Balsall Heath. I just had a unhappy
childhood, my parents were always in the pub, the Haven as a rule, I was over there recently from Derby
and it had been demolished, should have been done years ago, I couldnt wait to get away from home and
join the Coldstream family ,best thing I ever did.
Sorry if I sound bitter but you get one shot at life and I
was very luckly to meet a beautiful lady and enjoy 54
years with her before she passed away last April, bye
for now Bernard