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Lichfield Road Aston


proper brummie kid
I tell you what I have shed some tears this week with all the memories and fotos, I wish my mom was still alive to read and see them.


master brummie
Too young and innocent to know about things like that,was there a sign in the shop saying buy me and stop one.


proper brummie kid
ha ha yea brilliant. do you remember greens the papershop on the corner by the chippy use to wait for the evening mail and despatch van to turn up saturday night at six oclock to buy the sports argus, think it cost threepence then.


master brummie
I remember the news agents and Beebee's clothes shop.I never managed to prise a discount out of him even though he was next door


New Member
Hi Astonian
Am doing my family tree at present and when I read your last entry I noticed you mentioned Colin Fisher, I have a Colin M Fisher who married Ingrid McConnell, his parents were James E Fisher who married my granddads sister Vaughney Pugh from 2/96 Lichfield Road, could this be the same Colin Fisher ? I know you said he married Jenny but did they divorce, just a thought.


gone but not forgotten
Nice to hear from you about colin and jenny yes these are the same couple i am on about indeed
i cannot say thou about the state of there marrige ;as i have not heard any think nor even seen them in thirty years at least;
the last time i seen jenny and colin after there marige ws down winson green rd ; it was an evening of the summer ;
and they was visting a friend down or above pimms the pet shop or the abve the butchers shop which was next door
i have been trying for years to track hem down ;as i would dearly love to make contact with them ;
i have mentioned previously over the years on this forum but failed
some one recentl said she or boh e living some where in lichfield ;
but are the together i do not know ; as i have sid i would dearly make contact
i also have not seen elsie gammage [ carols mother ] whom are cousins for about the same time
i last seen her at the bingo hall in bordesly green;
elsie is the aunt and carol the cousin;
have a nice day chesterman even thou the weather is terrible down here in worcesteshire best wishes astonian;;


master brummie
In response to mal205 post #19.This picture shows Betty's Cafe.moss


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gone but not forgotten
Have you got any pics of the other cafes such as the last chance cafe which was a bigger one which stayed open to late
or even the bee hive cafe across the rd from there it was next to the gangesters pub , the bee hive
have a nice day best wishes astoinian ;


gone but not forgotten
hi paul ;
many thanks for that great picture of the last chance
yes there was a small one just on the bridge for the tram drives to ill thee jerry cans if i recall but i would not be able to recall its name
me and my mate ron ; known as cowboy whom worked on the gaff ; [ meaning the fair ]spent many hours on the machines in the bee hive and the last chance and walked many a girl back down lovers walk those were the days paul best wishes aston ian;; al;an;


master brummie
I think the cafe near Salford bridge was called the Bird cage and if my memory serves me well someone was stabbed to death in there in the early 60s.


New Member
Hi Astonian
Should have mentioned I'm Denise Hodson nee Barry, I was on the Forum before but had lots of trouble logging on, just kept being turned away so have rejoined as chesterbirman.
Right down to Jenny and Colin. Thomas Pugh junior of 2/96 Lichfield Road his sister Vaughney Pugh married James E Fisher, their son was Colin M Fisher who married Jenny, they had 4 children but did get divorced. Colin remarried and his second wife has been in touch with me thats where I have got the info from. Haven't made a note of the names of their children but if you want to know I will go back to her email.
Hope you are keeping well.


master brummie
Hi all
Yes you are right Astonite, the cafe was called the Bird Cage and like Astonian
i used it and the last chance cafe when i to was on the gaff (the Fair). I remember
there was a boating lake by there and the fairground was the otherside of the lake.
To save walking all the way round to the ground a gaff lad called cheeky charlie
suggested some lads get in one of the boats, about 4 lads did and some of the lads give the boat a big push,
but not before cheeky charlie pull the oars out of the boat. Wonder what happened to those poor lads,
last i seen of them they were heading out to the middle, it was about 11.30pm pitch black and they had no oars.
By the way i was not in the boat, and i did not help to push the boat out honest.

regards Stars

Ray Griffiths

master brummie
FROM Aston cross itself from where the front offices on aston cross walking along the lichfield rd if heading towards the aston resovoir
right from that very corner there was very old and tiny shops if you image the very front door of ansells head office door which was facing the clock its
very central there was about four or five of these shops ; i cannot recall there names or trade at the moment ;
but walk around the corner to where they built an drive in for the horse and cart dray men in and out all day on the lichfield rd
and thats where they started again a series of little shops possible about eight in total ; and thats where the little houses and the big old victorian yards
was placed all along lichfield rd right up to upper portland street where you seen the front of ansells building in those days all those was big courts and prior to them back towards aston cross in and betwen those eight shops was these litle house before the big yards thats where no,13 was
facing them on the opersite side of lichfield rd was a couple of houses that fell betwen hercules bikes lorry entrance and the aston picture houst the astorian picture house and they showed billy hayley in concert and they danced and wrecked the seationg the manager went barmy ;
as i said all along that frontage of ansells up to upper portland stret was the houses and then just crossing the rd to continue was matys and a old butchers shop then old mr parkes where you would get the butter patter out of the barrel then there wasthe opening of a terrace where mandy grand father used to live then anothershop old mrs oxo we called her because she gave us all conkers in the oxo tins hence her name then a mrs barnes bought it off her then it was our rerrace listed as cromwell sqaure we was 5/ 92 lichfield rd ;aston; birmingham 6;
i beleive there is photographs of these house and the courts in one or two maggs and books are knocking about some where
i also recall the side entrance to ansel when they moderen ised that gate for the out exit for the horse befor they rebuilt the yatd whicn is in the beginnig of upper portland street i think i may have a picture book some where of it i can recall all of ansells being bult ack and front and in park road leadig up to
good old victoria rd ; best wishes astonian;

One of those small shops was a hardware shop that had a very large bass broom hanging above the shop front, these was acquired by Ansells in 1950's and pulled down to expand it's brewey works.


master brummie
I remember that there was a hardware shop with a big broom on the wall in the sixties,it was near to Startins Motors