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Lichfield Road Aston


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Such a ghost that I did not notice it. The occupants before Ansells were wine & spirit merchants Charles Heeley, if anyone can make anything from that


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The Barbers Teas sign (which I agree about) and the others are posters or metal signs as far as I can seen. The ghost sign is one of the most difficult we have had so far. But hopefully something may turn up - even a photo - you never know with this place. :D


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We seem to have two Lichfield Road Aston threads.
The photo under discussion is on the other one (linked below). There is another, of the same building, but from the other direction.
A annotation on one photo says proposed site. Proposed site of what?


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yes i should have realised i posted that photo before alan....i have a few photos that say proposed site but in this case as the advert is highlighted in black on the other thread i would think it means they intend to replace it with a proper advertsising board..cant be cerain of course
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This picture of Lichfield Road is intriguing, it is certainly as stated 5/104 & 6/104 (or 106), the entries are right compared to the 1952 map.
The large building behind these houses on the 1959 map was presumably demolished prior to 1969, the building that can be seen at the far left (on the photo) could be Vicarage Villas on Vicarage Road (sounds so posh but I expect a far cry from any Vicarage Villas if built today).
There is a dome with a weather vane at the back of the houses, it could be Aston Hall but appears much closer than Aston Hall would be to the Lichfield Road. Any thoughts?


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