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Lichfield Road Aston

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Barron you are more than certainly correct the names are similar. Unless someone else had it when Pete fished. I bought my 10 peneth of maggots from down the Witton and don't have a clue of the name of the shop. Wonder if anyone has a photo of the shop in Litchfield road?. Jean.


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Baron, the name Pittaways brings back lots of memories. I used the shop for a lot of my bait and hooks etc. I haven't heard the name for YEARS!!!! Thanks.

alan poole

Re: Lichfeild rd aston salford rezzer

cut my fishing teeth in the parks & canals around brum remember upsetting a tin of maggots on the bus on the way to salford oops! what a shame our parks have got into such a state now


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Mikejee - I know this is nothing to do with pubs, but as you are so good with info. Is there anyway I can find out about premises at 2 Lichfield Road Aston in the 1800s as that is where my family originally lived there and they were grocers. At the moment it is a Merc' garage and just wondered if it has always been a commercial property. Many thanks


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Hi Carolynn

Just a little something until Mike gets on the job he will soon sort out what you want. In 1902 the listing for 2 Lichfield Rd was Wilson Frank Crump grocer. This photo might also interest you, I think the shop in between the clock and the tram would be the shop in question.



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Up to the 1900 Kellys here is what I have got:
1876 – 1879 Property is listed as no 1 , but is in same position (first shop on north side of street) as no 2 afterwards with same owner, so am assuming it was numbered this peculiar way (only one odd numbered on north side of st) up till then. 1873 and before it is not numbered and I am going from position.

1868 Lichfield road not listed .
1862 Not numbered so not clear, but I think private house under Albert
1868 - 1884 George Taylor, grocer
1888 - 1890 Charles Page, grocer
1892 George Bolton, grocer
1895 - 1896 Walter Shakeshaft, grocer
1897 - 1900 Wilson Bros. grocers


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I put this one on some time ago Lynn, it's the famous 'Snuffy Rowleys', he sold everything under the sun, from 'potmenders' to 'Fennings little healers', in the late forties, early fifties I fetched my dads' sporting buff and 10 woodbines from Ernies, he also sold an amazing range of snuff and tobacco, it was dead opposite the post office and Mountfords' cake shop.


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hi astonite i did think it looked familar but me brain can only store so many pics lol....

thanks for your memories...



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hi Astonite
yes i reckonised it straight away and i can recall you putting it on a awhile back
as i have just said to lynn i spotted last night in one of altons book as i was pouring over it
and i was gonna put it up as well ; but i emediately recalled you doing it just like the white horse i did put that up about four years ago
but obvisualy when houghtons sold to jim he may not have had that in with the collections
and also as we lost afew old orinional members whom would also have spotted and pointed it out as being on before ; still its good for our newish members whom have not seen it before great stuff astonite; and you lynn ; best wishes Astonian


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hi just found this post
the picture of ernie rowleys shows the entry to my grans back yard third house along on the left not shown,does anybody remember ernies wife edna,she delivered the papers locally always wore mens hobnail boots with no laces hence the edna shuffle,on the right up the entry was ernies yard with open type fencing behind which lived ernies lassie type collie dog called spot (never worked that one out) a right vicious brute the amount of rows my nan had over that dog , my gran and grandad were the whitehouses great memorys spent many a happy day there.edd


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Hi as most the photographs have been hacked off this wonderful site, I wonder if anyone has any Photos of Lichfield Road, Aston they can show, I looked at the old thread but alas what was there has gone missing

Hope you can help Dave


gone but not forgotten
Yes it was very nasty of these people whom have hacked off our forum most of our pics ;
but i will get my son to scour through all my past threads and pics of our beloved aston ; especialy lichfield rd where i was born; 5/92 lichfield rd next to thompsons to try and retreive any old ones ;

i know i have one or two or three of lichfield rd ;
take care astonian
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Here are a couple


gone but not forgotten
Hi carolina
great stuff have you any more ;that will certainly cheer our members up
it certainly cheered me up and brought great memorys for me as i grew up on that cross and the tram lines
grand parents bussiness all around the junction of the cross old barclays bank the libary where i had my libary books
we lived along the road about 400 yards ; cor what great memories
please carol if you or any other member as got them took in away some where dig them out
and lets restock our own forum libary good on you;
astonian alan;


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Stars, these are great pics - I only know the area in later years when the bus used to go up and down on the way to/from Brum from Tamworth, so it had changed a fair bit by then, but not as much as today.
The lady outside the we buy and exchange anything shop really reminds me of hubbys nan, she always wore a hat lie that and her coats were the same style!
Thanks for posting them.