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Let and let live

  • Thread starter Robert Harrison
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Robert Harrison

Live and let live

What a state the world is in, with it’s killing, war and hate.
What’s caused all this turmoil, is it what we all call fate.
Is this political correctness that has come into our life,
Part of the bigger problem, is it causing all the strife.
Why can’t we just be normal and call a spade a spade,
Can’t we see the pitfalls that for our backs we’ve made.
Why can’t we chastise children and teach them wrong from right
So that we can love and cherish them and call them a delight.
Why can’t these so called do gooders who are causing all this mess
Back off a bit, and give us all a time to lower stress,
Why can’t we love our neighbours and give to all a chance,
To love and laugh, and have a ball. and maybe even dance.
Let’s all instead of moaning try to make things better,
Come on, drop the pessimism, lets all be a Go Getter.