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Lessar Brothers Hylton St Hockley


master brummie
The rear of the building at Hylton St backed onto the rear of the graveyard, although there was a very narrow ledge and then a steep drop, we used to sunbathe on it in the glorious summers around 1975 -76,( usually a joker called Ron used to get on the roof and pour cold water on you) we had a lenghth of rope which we used to climb now and have a quick jog around the graveyard every now and again.

Attachment 70442
This picture shows the new ledge, I recall the old ledge was much smaller than the new one shown here, in fact I don't recall it ever being a proper ledge just some old concrete which merged
with the ground soil which sloped down a very long, steep incline.

The door shown to the right of the picture was situated in the Spectacle Case Department, which was below street level in Hylton St.