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Lathams Shops


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Great photo, thanks Lyn. Unusual shape to the section curving round onto Rocky Lane. Of all the photos we’ve seen of Latham’s so far, they seemed to favour corner plots for their shops. Viv.


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yes viv i was right its one of rays pics...could be our mom used this one as we were right on the no 8 route

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Lots interest and much of the past here; apart from the clock and the public library (minus small spire), which is probably no longer a library, little seems left. I notice a Woolworth store and a National Provincial Bank? I date it late 1960's. Incidentally the NP Bank merged with the Westminster in 1970 to form todays NatWest Bank.


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yes alan and also the clock was moved further down to more or less where lathams shop was:rolleyes:


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what a great pic of the cross. when i hear the word Lathams i think of nechells green and oil cloth


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I remember frequently going shopping to a Latham's in Nechells Park Road with my late Wife in around the 70's buying curtains, dress material etc... Eric


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Not my area at all, but is this the Kingstanding shop, I've got it marked as Hawthorne Road, but there is no Hawthorne Road in Kingstanding is there?

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I used to work there at the Kingstanding Rd branch in the 80s and 90s. I remember when we used to get a new range of net curtain in & the candy stripe bed sheets in the spring and there would be a rush to buy them. I regularly meet with some of the old staff including L.Latham.


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Henry Latham was my first cousin, twice removed. He was born in Eccleshall, Staffs in 1882. He trained as a draper in Cannock under his brother in law and then moved to Birmingham. His first shop was in Nechells Park Road around 1917. He married Florence Stringer and they had 3 children but she died of flu in 1923 when the youngest was only six months old.
He had nannies to look after the children and concentrated on his business which became very successful. However I get the impression he wasn’t always the best father to the girls as he spent so much time on the business.
In 1929 he married Winifred Bradbury and they had four more children. All of the girls helped in the shops as he now had three shops with those in Kingstanding and Glebe Farm. However the girls didn’t get always on with their step mother and found their father temperamental and so after 1945 most of them moved out of Birmingham, some of them to Canada.
Henry died in 1954 while living in Walmley Ash Road.

Hope you find this background interesting!