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Landscape before the Town Hall


master brummie
Here are a couple of pictures that may have been missed by some during recent network problems. They are two of the great pictures of the past on here, posted by others, one offering a unique glimpse of the buildings that were demolished to build...the town hall. Sketches of course in those days with a vantage point about where Christ Church stood.

The first picture was labelled Paradise Street 1822 and in a way it is but Paradise Street leads off to the left of the picture. The corner where the two people are is the corner of old Ann Street before it was swept away and Congreve Street...leading up the hill and the houses behind the railing on the oposite corner stand exactly where the Town Hall was built. This must be a rare glimpse indeed, maybe even the only one...who knows. Just the corner of Allins can be seen on the right with the castelated roof line and just the letters 'ALL' of the sign.

The second picture is from almost the same vantage point but panning to the right and all of Allins can be seen and the buildings behind leading up Congreve Street that would have faced the buildings in the previous sketch. I think that they are contemporary.

The buildings in the second picture were to survive the building of the Town Hall and hung around until Ann Street was swept away to build the council house...hung around for quite a while in fact so that a photograph was able to be made also on here and posted by others. Yes they have been on here before but some may have missed them or the context and meaning when shown individually.

(Pictures are replacements. the first I am sure is identical to the original, but do not think second one is, but is nearest I can find)


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