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Ladywood Area


master brummie
I remember a shop at the bottom end of Ryland St opposite Ryland Garage that sold cakes and cold steak and kidney pies (my favourite) The elderly Lady, who was the owner, dropped a cake on the floor one day, picked it up, put it in a bag and handed to me saying that a bit of muck never hurt anyone, tasted great :) times have certainly changed.


master brummie
Here is a photo of Alexandra Place in St Mark's St 1967


Regards Stars


master brummie
Here is another one to look at. I reckon the lady is there to count the bags of coal.

Springfield St 1964


Regards Stars


master brummie
Most of our old photos of Ladywood are portraits of one kind or another, very little to suggest topography unfortunately. Nevertheless here's one interesting group shot. It was probably taken in the back court of 36 Stour Street, though we can't identify anyone in the photo. We suspect they're Griffin or Patrick family members.


Pimpernel what a brilliant photo. I would think it was either Sunday or a family occasion they have collar and ties and look how well polished their boots are. A lovely piece of social history.


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The c 1889 map would fit in with it being in th eback yard of no 36 ., presunmably taken where the blue dot is



master brummie
A lovely photo and great to see it marked on the map - funny to think that is just where they are sitting and standing.
Do you know what year this photo was taken?
They do look very smart - although a little grumpy at having their photo taken. I notice the pigeons at the front of the picture - would they have been kept by the family?


master brummie
Thanks Mike, I think you're right. I'm guessing the photo dates from the 1910's, maybe as late as the early 1920's. In 1920 my Griffin ancestors were at 2 back of 34 Stour Street, having moved a few doors up from 31 since 1911, with other relatives by marriage the Patricks at No.37, so I'm presuming it's one or other of the families.


master brummie
The pigeons - yes my father tells me he remembers they were all pigeon fanciers and there were always birds in the court. I'm not sure but the older man looks like he may be cradling a pigeon in his hand?


Thank you, I've watched a little and bookmarked it to watch the rest later. Lots of my family came from Ladywood.
I noticed the child playing in the gutter, Nan told me her friend lost her legs like that with a cartwheel going over them! Even though there weren't many horses left then, I was frightened.