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lad in the Lane meet On The Day


master brummie
Eric, Terry won your other painting, they are lovely, wish I had the talent to produce pics like that, even matchstick men are beyond me lol


Cradley Heathen
Hi all,

Sorry that I couldn't make the meeting, I got stuck with the painting, walls done, floor cleaned and paint removed from the dog.:(:(

I have had a look at the videos and the photos, looks like you all had a great day. :):)

all the best



master brummie
Nice to see the pics and vids of todays meet. Glad everyone had a good time. And look at that brilliant spread in one of the vids. Lovely.


Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
Thanks to Eric for donating the paintings, erm, one of which I happen to win,:) with Wendy winning the other one, much appreciated. Thanks to Chris, Brian and Ian for a job well and successfully done. The buffet was great. Thanks again.



Staff member
great pics and videos folks...well done wend i cant even take them never mind post them:D


Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper

Well done to all :), looked like a good meet :), taste the food and that Dark from here :)

thanks for the pics and Video`s :)


master brummie
Sorry I couldn't make it :(. Thanks for posting the photos - it looks as if you all had a great time :) and the pub looks lovely.


master brummie
i had a great time today meeting everyone and the food was fantastic
i am just glad i didnt win the bird
thank you to everyone


Lubrication In Moderation
Well I have just woke up after a quick nap. I was so exhausted. I'm not used to being in the front line like I was today
Can I thank everyone for coming today, I was so happy it went so well. The day went so quick and I was so disapointed I didn't get chance to talk to you all much.
It was great to see all my mates I have made over the last few years but my greatest joy was to see my mates Mike G and Mo, you made my day:)
Eric your hat is safe:)
I did not take one photo, :(sorry


master brummie
Well done Chris,Brian & Ian. Great meet and great company and well done for the spread, It was superb. Glad the turn out was so good too.



Staff member
are you tired then froth:D seriously though well done to you and brian and what a great amount of money going to the charity...see you at the next one:)

oh and no piccies taken..????...:headhit::D


THanks to Chris for organising the day and thanks to Chris, Brian and Ian for the food, there was enough to feed and army. It was good to get out to meet you all Loking forward to the next one.


Staff member
sorry to have missed you and mo today mike.. great to see you out and about again.but as you said see you both at the next one..:)



posher half
Thanks for a great day nice to be there and the food well have just polished off me doggy bag lol great atmosphere good company proper beer what can I say lol nice to see Mike n Maureen out n about thanks to Brian Chris and Ian and can I come again I didnt eat ALL the Food but had my fill thanks lol


Lubrication In Moderation
Can I take this opportunity to thank my wife Cath for doing the Raffle. One job I didn't want to do and gave Wendy a break from doing it


Lubrication In Moderation
I would also like to thank Key Hill Brian for donating 2 prizes to the Raffle.
and of cause to Eric for his 2 Fabulous paintings.