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Knights of St. Columba


master brummie
My mother, Vera Birbeck, did not serve in the forces during the Second World War. I don't really know why. I have come across at card presented to her by the Knights of St. Columba. Can anyone give me anymore information regarding this organisation please?

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master brummie
Hi Jules,

I had an inkling it was an organisation founded by the Catholic Church.

"Knights of St. Columbia (KSC)
The Knights of St. Columbia is a charitable organisation, which was founded to provide service to the Church. Within the parish, they help the parish priest in whatever they can, and assist in important church services. Amongst other things, they also help in fund-raising for hospices so that their patients get the best possible care. The Knights of St. Columbia meet once every month and discuss matters within and outside of the parish".

Hope this helps


master brummie
So do you think they would have been offering some sort of social club to the Allied Forces in Birmingham at that time? My mother was not Catholic so I wonder how she became involved.