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Probably have, but I think we had somebody from the Kirby family live near us in the 60s and 70s in Perry Common, but it may have been Kirkby.... or different spelling, but this person used a different surname for certain reasons..


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I am not sure, but there was a family, who may be connected, I knew their son, who was sadly killed in an incident / at the Boers Head pub in the 80s.


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Hi I have just found this site , it’s brilliant my great grandfather was James Kirby and my great grandmother was Annie . I am really interested in any family history info you have as I can only go back this far . Sadly my father Barry Cox died 6 years ago so I have no one to ask about his side of the family . I have found reading these emails fascinating thanks in anticipation
Barry's father was William Herbert Cox b1891 Kings Norton, the son of Herbert Alfred Cox and Harriet Hyde.

Herbert Alfred Cox was b1862 Stourport, the son of Henry Cox and Eliza Lashford

Henry Cox was b1838ish Woollaston

Eliza Lasford was b1840 Stourport, the daughter of Thomas Lashford and Mary Turner

Harriet Hyde was b1864 Kings Norton, the daughter of William Hyde and Mary Evans