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Kingsway Picture House Kings Heath


master brummie
Last I heard was plans had been submitted to retain the front and incorporate it into the new building. However, that was a while ago and things seem to have stalled.


Ex-pat Brummie
Presumably they are going to make the shop as big as they can, or will it be an arcade of several small shops. The way high street retail is going, the latter seems more likely if it going to last more than a year or so. It will also need some sensitive work at the front end to blend in what is left of the original facade. And why do the interiors of these bingo halls have to be painted in such awful garish colours?

Maurice :cool:


ell brown on Flickr
There is now a canopy at the back. I think they are turning it into a temporary outdoor cinema?

View off Poplar Road.

The Kingsway seen from the High Street in Kings Heath with lovely street art of dancers.

Even the door has been painted on.