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Discussion in 'Neighbours & Streets' started by margaret, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. margaret

    margaret Guest

    has anyone looked into the real change in peoples lives when kingstanding was developed. All my family came from aston and were rehoused in kingstanding just before ww2 did other families live in their back to backs ie gt brook st or were they demolished. i know my gran loved having the so called amenities like bathrooms and running water m:)
  2. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker gone but not forgotten

    I can sympathise with your thoughts exactly, although I lived the other side of the Hawthorn Road shops, where the semi's were all mortgaged rather than rented. I went to Dulwich Road Infants in 1938 - 41, and got to know many of the families who had only lived round there for a few years. I never really fancied our immediate area as there was hardly anything there, and certainly no character. I always loved to visit my grandparents in Handsworth, relatives in Ellen St, my dad's school at Loxton St, or my nan's school at All Saints' Hockley. Thgose were real ploaces.
    Carl Chinn has written a nice short piece about Kingstanding in Vol 2 of his "Streets of Brum".
    An excellent book about a very similar subject, called "Semi-detached London" was written a fellow tram fancier, Alan Jackson, about 40 years ago, which became quite a classic. It discusses the way people moved out of the inner suburbs, in a very personal way, rather than the clinical way that so many planners and academic historians have done.
  3. gibbo2005

    gibbo2005 master brummie

    i was 2 months old when we moved to Hurlingham rd Kingstanding from Victoria rd Aston feb 1933 my mother lived there until 1980s i emigrated to Australia 1970 think its changed a lot since then i went to Cranbourn Rd school and Peckam road worked for midland red as a driver Allen
  4. Vikki

    Vikki Guest

    I lived on Dulwich Road for 25 years and left the midlands 2 years ago. Fascinated with the history of Kingstanding as it is where I grew up.

    Might seem like a silly question, but where was Dulwich road infants? Is it what is now called Warren Farm Infants? or was there another one?

    Also does anyone know where the Warren Farm Farmhouse actually stood?
    I did see one picture of it a few years ago but with no clue to it's actual location and I can't remember which book I found that in.

  5. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Hi Vicky,
    Yes I believe Dulwich Rd infants is now Warren farm infants,
    I also went to Dulwich Rd senior boy's school that was way back in the early forties, also I was in the scoutsat Brackenberry Rd Church
    Mr Howe was Scoutmaster, his wife was head of the girl guides
    I'm not sure of the wherabouts of the farm so I won't guess
  6. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    So many great photos of both old (farms) area and the development in the early l930's of Kingstanding on the Handsworth Digital site http://www.search.digitalhandsworth.org.uk/engine/theme/default.asp?

    My Aunt Nell lived in Kingstanding and so we, my brother and I, and our family on occasions would often walk across Witton Lakes Park and through the roads leading to Kingstanding Road to visit her. I learned to swim in the little pool at Kingstanding Baths and we often used used to visit the shops at College Road also the Mayfair Cinema. I also used to cycle to Perry Common Library which was quite modern compared to Erdington.

    My parents first home was above the then Co-op on Kingstanding Road. This would have been in 1934. The building is still there and was a Working Man's Club for years. I think it is a Community Centre now.

    The Kingstanding Estate was a huge step forward for Council housing in the early l930's when the area was developed in a big way. There is one
    error in the photographs which states that Streetly Road is in Kingstanding..it is in Erdington. Streetly Road and it's council housing was developed at around the same time as Kingstanding's. It is fascinating to track the history of Kingstanding back in time.
  7. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Hi Jennyann
    Did you ever go into the milkbar on the Hawthorne Rd? that was the place we teenagers used to hang about,and of course Hawthorne Rd & College was our so called "Monkey Run" my mate & I had some good times around there
  8. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    Dennis, I know exactly where the Milk Bar was and I did go in to it at times.
    I was quite small when I first used to to go to Kingstanding......about 7 or 8
    and then over the years into my early teens. There weren't many places in the main "Monkey Runs" to hang out in those days. Years before in my parents youth there were even less places to hang out where you could buy refreshments. I can imagine the area you mention being a "Monkey Run". Wasn't there a fish and chip shop close by? A definite necessity for a "Monkey Run".

    Erdington High Street was a "Monkey Run" as well and for many years.
    My parents used to go from Witton to Brookvale Park on the summer evenings and on Sundays and walk round and round the lake.

    I remember the Peacock's shop on Hawthorne Road almost close to
    to the top of Hawthorn Road and Kingstanding Road. I believe their was Bakery and Greengrocers. My friend from school Margaret lived in Yerbury Grove off Farley Road near Gypsy Lane and we used to take
    a right of way through the then allotments which ran all the way up to
    College Road near the Perry Common Library to go to the Kingstanding
    Baths plus another long walk up Hawthorn Rd to Kingstanding Road. Otherwise it would have been my Aunties or the MayFair Cinema. Would that short cut be through the Wyrley Birch area?
  9. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Dennis Whats wrong with KIGstanding or KingSTAding and KingstanDIG, you're to fissey.:D

    By the way I've just woken up for the night shift
  10. Eric Gibson

    Eric Gibson master brummie

    Jenny, my gran and granddad lived in Farley Road, No 23 I think and we used to regularly walk down the passage you mentioned to get there, opposite the fire station in College Road. E.
  11. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Yes there was a bakery, Wimbush's next to Harris the cleaners, on the corner of Warren Farm Rd & Hawthorne Rd
    The Greengrocer was Roses next to Lathams a haberdashery shop on the corner of Hawthorne & Dyas Rd
  12. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker gone but not forgotten

    JennyAnn, you have a better memory than me. I don't remember all those shops in Hawthorn Road, but I do remember going into Peacocks just over 62 years ago, on 7 May, after we were let out early from school, and buying two Union Jack flags. Next day they were flying to celebrate VE Day.
    I certainly remember the long path or track fromCollege Road through the allotments to Gipsy Lane - that was our route to Witton Lakes. The name Wyrley Birch is familiar - we used to call it Wairly Bairch in Black Country style, but I'm not sure if it was the name of those allotments.
    The cafe I hardly remember at all. I never used it, as from about 1950 most of my social life was in Handsworth or elsewhere. Anyway, here is a list taken friom the Kelly's 1950 directory.
    Thanks for the memories!
  13. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    Certainly glad that both Peter and Dennis remember the passageway from
    Witton Lakes up to College Road. It's all built over now, although being a "right of way" the passageway may still exist. I am pretty sure it's called the Wyrley Birch estate. I think the allotments were abandoned
    pretty well during WW2 and so it wasn't as neat and tidy as it would have
    been had the allotments been in full operation. The allotments didn't
    flourish because the men went off to war. It saved us a lot of bus fare
    if we were going swimming at Kingstanding Baths going up that short cut. We always used to buy either Hot Chocolate or Oxo after swimming. These baths were the best in the area and had an Olympic size pool with high diving boards. The little pool where I learnt to swim was very small. We often used to walk to Finchley Road to my Aunt Nell's. She had no children and always had lots of pop and goodies.

    I sometimes went to the Baths on my own and a couple of times after taking too long to get dressed couldn't find my way out to the front and had to go into the baths area and find a door that said exit. I was never apprehended by anyone doing this I think as soon as all the kids left the staff would go into the staff room because the place was deserted. It was a little bit scary walking along by this huge empty swimming pool to get to an exit door near the diving board.

    Peter, thanks for posting the list of businesses. I can remember some of them especially Peter Renwick-Dentist. He had a square lamp on a pole that said Dentist out front of his practice. My Mother worked with a friend of the family at one time. There were certainly a lot of businesses along that road. A bit like Stockland Green years ago, the businesses served all the
    new housing that was built around that area starting in the mid l930's.
    The last time I went close to there was to visit the Birmingham Co-operative Funeral Service place 12 years ago.
  14. Eric Gibson

    Eric Gibson master brummie

    I actually went with my mother to the official opening of the baths, I can remember a swimmer, probably some sporting celebrity, diving in for the first time as the (I think) mayor declared it open. I was just 4 years old, good memory eh.

    Some years later I was chucked off the top board by my mates even though I couldn't swim, still don't know how I managed to avoid drowning:) .E.

    Ps. I just had a look down the Hawthorn road shops list, my mother had an outwork job making shopping bags out of sugar sacks, she worked for 86 Shaughnessy Wm. Wardrobe dealer..I think Mr Shaughnessy committed suicide at some time later. E
    Last edited: May 12, 2007
  15. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker gone but not forgotten

    I remember Mr Shaughnessy, as I used to pass his shop up to four times a day on my way to Hawthorn Road Junior Boys, 1942 - 1944. He seemed a nice old boy, but I don't think anyone ever bought anything off him. I do remember he had a bit of a bad habit - burning off bits and pieces in his back garden. The smell used to change from old rags to old lino, always smouldering. I would guess he was in his late 40s or early 50s then, so he would have been born in the late 1890s I think.
  16. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Hawthorne Rd from the corner of Charlton Rd looking to the right
    Last edited: May 14, 2007
  17. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Hawthorne Rd looking left from Charlton Rd
    Sorry could not get photo on, will try another time
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2008
  18. lynnehart

    lynnehart proper brummie kid

    This is excellent - spent my life on Hawthorn (without an E) Road. We lived at 160 which we have recently sold as my Father died last year (Ken Butler should anyone know him!). The shops - Boots on the top corner, Wimbush, Wrensons, Littlewoods, Foster Menswear....
    Fond memories of a sweet shop called The Cabin, Williams the Furniture shop (where else!), W J Taylor (with the record booth at the back), Leavers the ladies dress shop (which I could only afford in the sale), Miles the pet shop (still there), the Newbys at the Post Office, and in particular, Gwynnes the toy shop.
  19. dennis

    dennis master brummie

    Tried to add another photo,
    but had a problem sorry
    Last edited: May 15, 2007
  20. JKC

    JKC Deleted Upon Request

    I must admit that I cannot stand Kingstanding in any form or shape....when we had to move from our home in Aston October 1969...we were rehoused in Kingstanding....Warren Farm Road.....pre war house, with its front garden...inside toilet with hot and cold running water, and a bath that you didn't have to hang up after you used it...quite a step from our house in Aston.....BUT...it wasn't home.....and never would be for me.
    I was able to move out after 7 years, when I got married....If we had moved to Kingstanding because we wanted too, then maybe my feeling towards it would not be so bitter....I still have family living in the area...so I still visit the area on a regular bases....I think its in the same league as what Aston is now...a slum.....!....it only the people that live there which brings the area down.....

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