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Key Hill Cemetery


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We have recently discovered that we have a relative buried in Key Hill. I have tried phoning for a map of the area but to no avail, Does anybody have one so that we can locate the grave. We have the burial/grave number. The relative was a aunt who died at 17 hours old so i'm assuming she would have been buried in a grave with others. I was told that they mostly did this at that time. (1924). How would i find this out or who can i contact. Many Thanks ..Eileen


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But make sure you have adobe flash player installed, as otherwise it is as unintelligable as a politician's speech

Key Hill Brian

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I have very little info now on KH Graves - most was left behind in the cemetery store, when I had to step back due to family illnesses / bereavements. I will have look tomorrow to refresh my memory of Section N and see if I have any otes on the external hard drive where any remaing scraps may be. Please bear with me for day or two.