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Keith Berry's Photo Legacy

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Keith Berry's 'Old Birmingham & Surroundings' Photo Gallery
Recovery of 600 approx photos is complete, 15 albums click on any to see.
Keith Berry's titles and comments are in the albums ...
1 1950s /1960s Aston, Birchfield, Lozells, Handsworth. (48)
2 1950s/1960s Handsworth, Handsworth Park, Lozells, Brookvale Park, Erdington. (48)
3 1950s/1960s Erdington, New Oscott, Hockley Jewellery Quarter. (48)
4 1950s/1960s Jewellery Quarter, Onion Fair, Lozells, Moor Lane, Perry Barr, (48)
5 1950s/1960s Witton, Aston Park, Winson Green, (48)
6 1950s/1960s Witton, One Stop Perry Barr, Other Various Places, (48)
7 1950s/1960s Aston, Newtown, Gas Street, (48)
8 1950s/1960s City Centre, Broad Street, (48)
9 1950s/1960s Coventry Road, Sutton Park, Cannon Hill Park, (48)
10 Bromsgrove, Smethwick, West Bromwich and Walsall (28)
11 In or around Birmingham, but where ? (14)
12 Aston and Birmingham Canals 1980s (27)
13 Lozells and Handsworth in 2006/2007. (42)
14 Selection Aston, Witton, Handsworth, Perry Barr, and Erdington (60)
15 Coleshill, Bewdley 1981, Hay-on Wye 1979, Leominster, and Weobley 1979. (33)

They can be viewed from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari, in computers, smartphones, and tablets, and can be saved if required. Pdf reader controls can be used to enlarge the views if required.
They were created using Windows 10 and Chrome. They have not been tested on devices using Android.


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The gallery of Keith Berry photos recovered earlier this year by Oldmohawk along with the help of other members is now available in this new 'Legacy' thread.

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