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Just Maybe


Robert Harrison

Our kids they can divorce us now,
Well thats alright,But this I vow.
I won't wait for them to act
I'll Divorce them first for it's a fact.
I don't have to cook and clean
Just to have them call me mean,
I don't have to make them clothes
Only to have them thumb their nose.
My love and I will divorce them first
Then leave them all to do their worst,
We'll roam this earth both far and wide
Content to be at each others side,
We'll use the money for their education
To go explore another nation
To make our kids homeless and alone
Is one thing I will not condone,
We love them too much to let them be
So we'll fight for them my man and me.
We're a family and thats how we'll stay
We'll go it the good old fashioned way,
With love and respect and all those things
Which being a family always brings.

Submitted by Roberts Wife Ann