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June 6th Goes Unnoticed


master brummie
Here we are, 6th of June, and not a mention of D-Day on the tele. What ever happened to "We Will Remember Them"?



The Fairybrain of Brum
Thanks Barrie for commenting on this I agree with you totally ..i think its disgusting that the media ignore this day:(


master brummie
The Bishop of York did mention the D-day Guy's also the troops in Iraq & Afganistan when he did his tandem parachute drop with the Red Devil's in aid of a charity for the forces
But as you say Soon forgotten,but not by all of us


master brummie
I thought the same,no mention on the news about D Day, but on the local news here tonight, I now live in Somerset they did interview an old soldier who landed in Normandy on D Day 1944, and he said for next year ,the 65th. anniversary, the American and Canadian governments are allready making plans for veterans to go there and helping to pay for them, but our government have said they wont pay for our blokes, and as he said a lot of them cant afford it themselves. I have been a few times myself to view the beaches and war graves and would recomend it to anyone interested in the 2nd. world war, my father landed on Juno beach a few days after D Day, and thankfully came home at the end of the war, which he finished in Hamburg as part of the 4th. armoured brigade, the desert rats 8th. army.:angry2:
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The Independent's front page featured D-Day but sadly the story was about those unable to attend and who must remember at home.

Next year will be the last time that the veterans of that campaign will travel in number so the paper is calling for a fully Gov't supported visit by those wishing to travel.