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Joseph Norris photographer


knowlegable brummie
I have found from other sources that Joseph Norris was a photographer at 5 Union Passage between 1862-1885, but I have a photo giving his address as 52 New Street - can anyone tell me the years he was at this address, as I'd like to date the photo.



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Have no details 1886-7 but:
1888 -92 Norris Joseph photographer 52 New St
1895 Moran John J. photographer 52 New St


knowlegable brummie
Mikejee - I've actually just noticed that I have a photo by J J Moram as well! Do you know when he stopped being at that address? Thanks!


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The photographer Joseph Norris was my great great grandfather (my mother was a Norris and then married a Morris)! From what I can gather he was a photographer at 5 Union Passage from 1862 -1885. Also, Chas (Charles) Norris was his son and may have taken over the business from 1888 - 1892 at 52 New Street trading under the name J. Morris and also may have been trading under the name of Anglo American Photographic Company (His son Arthur was also a photographer - perhaps he was the one who took over his dad's business). Joseph Norris actually died in 1885. Chas Norris, I presume, moved locations after 1892 because there are later photographs with his name and a new address on. Hope you find this interesting. Thanks.


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Hi LCMor, my son's best friend Keith Norris is a descendant of Joseph Norris.
Wow, how is he related? My great grandfather was Percy Zanoni Norris (Joseph Norris' son) and my Grandfather Joseph Norris (Junior - so to speak). It would be interesting to make contact if he's interested.


master brummie
Hi LCMor, I am not too sure whether he is a g.g. grandson or a g.g.g. grandson, but we were talking about family history some months ago and he told me of this connection. I will ring him and if he is interested I will send you his contact details by IM on the forum.