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Johnny Carroll - RIP


master brummie
Sad News. Johnny Carroll, comedian and entertainer has died.

Fond memories of him appearing at the New Cresta Club, Solihull in the 70s where I worked as a part time spotlight operator.
Quite a shock as he seemed lively and chatty as usual when I spoke to him at a New Years Eve do I attended at The Field House, Solihull.

RIP Johnny



master brummie
I remember seeing him several times at various clubs around the city. A very funny man. Sorry to hear this sad news.

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
O my God I've known Johnny Carroll Over 50 years he lived in Edenhurst Road I could see his house from mine in Longbridge he was a friend of my pops, my pop was in the motor trade and would perform some work for Johnny
Johnny had a car lot on the right hand side just passed the bus garage heading up to the cinema in Selly Oak, back in the mid 70,s I would service his white Jaguar XJ6
My pop and I were just talking about him on Sunday.
Edit,. The road was Chapel Lane and car lot is a used car sales patch.
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Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
So li called my pop yesterday and gave him the bad news so we had a little walk down memory lane
So I hope this brings a smile, he was under a no contact order and for some reason he went knocking on his x wife's front door, when the door opened some guy was standing there in a dressing gown and it went down hill from there.

Elmdon Boy

master brummie
Saw him singing and standing on his chair, belting out his 50s and 60s rock and roll songs only about 3 weeks ago up at The Bluebell in Illshaw Heath, Solihull. Shocked and sad for a good all round entertainer. RIP Johnny.