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John Shorthouse killing

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master brummie
The tragic killing of 5 yr old John Shorthouse in police raid.Does anyone know location in Kings Norton Walkers Heath where it occured?
I'm struggling online and all i can find is Barrett Road -which doesn't list in Birmingham :dft005:


gone but not forgotten
hi tali
yes lady linda is corect as always on her thread of information take it from me
also you can take it from me because i lived in sisefield rd at the time of this incidence they said it was an accident at the emediate time but al of of us never beleived it
i lived in the ground floor masonettes opersite the church al#l my kids was christened there and my friend lived next door to them my mate albert
and it was behind our house and next door to johns i personaly beleived the young copper paniced but saying that is finger slipped as he was geting down to look under the bed
but remember in those days not many police officiers was allowed to be isseud a gun in those days and to be quite honest i would not do a policemans job to day
for three grand aweek tax free as its a different ball game but what gets me todays human race ever body slates the police off but when they arein trouble they they need the police and then they praise them up still but sadly that what happened and you do not forget these things do you
my grand fathers family was and some are in the legal proffession and one was a high judge one was a police officier one was in CID Walsall before he gotkilled
in a police chaser many years ago he was what they call today young police officers young rookies they make mistakes
just like the young officier whom shot john under the bed best wishes astonian


master brummie
If anyone can PM exact address for my crime mapping project i would be grateful
Not open for further replies.