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Joe Fox


master brummie
In the late 1940's/early 50's, going home from KEGS Camp Hill, I would catch the 15/17 bus in High St Bordesley just before it went under the railway bridge. Near the stop was a sweet shop I sometimes used. It was run by a man with a multi-lined face and built along the lines of a jockey. His name was Joe Fox. There were photographs around showing him as a boxer.

At seperate times he was both British Feather- and Bantam-weight champions (1915 and 1921) and won the Lonsdale belt. (I think this belt or one like it was on display in the shop.) He was born in Leeds. In the UK nearly all of his fights were in the North or London. He also had many fight in the USA and Canada. None seemed to have been in the Midlands.

So not quite a Birmingham sporting hero. Yet he lived here for a while. The references I have googled agree he died in 1965 but do not say where.

What brought him to Birmingham?


master brummie
It appears that Wikipedia have his dob and death wrong.

Joseph Wolf Fox was born 14 July 1897, the son of Louis Fox and Fanny Gumbenski, Russian immigrants. If Louis name really was Fox or might have been anglicized.

His death is registered in Leeds, Dec qtr of 1977.

There is an immigration record on familysearch, arriving at Ellis Island in 1923 with his brother Issy (Israel).


master brummie
Thank you Phil for the photo. Just as I recall it.

MWS, I did not mention names other than Joe Fox. Apparently he boxed under other names Young F. and Joey F. Someone claiming to be a relative said his actual name was Judah Zelickman!


master brummie
Here's the immigration record in 2 parts...

JoeFox_1.jpg JoeFox_2.jpg

...both Joe and Issy are listed as boxers and under Marks of identification for Issy it lists deformed ear and for Joe it lists deformed boxer. Seems to be too much of a coincidence for 2 boxers to be called Joe Fox from Leeds.


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Joseph Wolf Fox born 14th July 1897 to Louis and Fanny
1911 Crawford street
Louis Fox age 29 Tailor
Fanny age 23
David age 6
Joseph age 4
Israel age 1

Louis Fox of 75 Marsh Lane Leeds was took the oath of allegiance in front of
Sir Mark Wright-Ridley on the 19th Feb 1900
the letter says subject of Russia born in Poland son of Jacob and Fanny.
Jacob David age 5 Joseph Wolf age 2.