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Jobborn, Francis & Ravenhall - metalwork company - Aston.


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Hi, bit of a long shot, but worth a go. I'm trying to find anyone who has any information on a partnership fomed approx 70 years ago. Partners were Albert Edward Jobborn, Arthur Edward Francis, Edward Ravehall. A metalwork company, I believe it ceased trading around 1976. My information is sketchy, but I believe it started opposite Betty's Cafe in Aston. Upper Thomas Street, off Victoria Road, Aston has also been mentioned. They appeared to have started on a range called "The Three Teddies". I've googled but had no joy in researching further. Thanks in anticipation.


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According to Kelly's 1955, there was a Jobborn & Francis Brass Founders at 125 Upper Thomas Street,
no mention of Ravehall.
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In 1962-1967 editions it is Jobborn and Francis, brassfounders at 125 Upper thomas St. Nothing in the Street listed in 1969 edition


proper brummie kid
Thank you Mikejee and Rob T. Thinking about it, it probably would of been in the name of just Jobborn and Francis. Ravenhall (typo in my original post), was a relative of Jobborn and taken on as an employee, rather than partner. Must of been an official set up then for them to be in Kelly's. Thanks for the information - much appreciated.