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Jerome Photographers, Birmingham


master brummie
When i was young no one had cameras. They all had portraits done at Jeromes ect. If they could afford them What happened to any archives of this studio and any others such as N.F.Griffiths,24 Hubert street,Aston Birmingham, 6 . PHone aston 4002. Also John Grosvenor, 120 school road, Moseley, Birmingham, 13, south 2466. regards Linda.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Thats me and my Mom and Dad taken at Jerome's in 1948. Still have my hat!! My mom was from Ancona in Italy


master brummie
I seem to remember we covered Jeromes on the forum last year, I might still have the one I had taken there in 1953, Bernard


proper brummie kid
Hello Linda,
Well they must have had a lot of branches, perhaps around the Midlands -

I have photographs, taken by Jeromes, (in The Old Square Walsall)

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Can anyone remember a Jeromes on the Witton only that is where mom took my twins to be photographed as babies?.


Ex-pat Brummie
Further to the website cited by Alf, it seems that a Petition for the Winding-Up of Jerome Limited by Agfa-Gevaert (as creditors for the supply of photographic materials) was published in the London Gazette on 26th March 1970.

EDIT: Seems like they were in the financial quagmire as in June the same year, J. Arthur Dixon, the Isle of Wight postcard printers, also petitioned to wind them up. The Liquidator (B.A. Roberts) had his Final Meeting on 16 April 1973.

EDIT2: Here are the two relevant Winding-Up Notices:-

Maurice :cool:


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master brummie
The first photo shows my sister and me taken at Jeromes Photo Studios in WW2. The second photo dated 1943 and taken in the same studio shows her future husband. They met and married in the 1950's. My brother-in-law is wearing 'Birmingham Mail Charity Boots' which I think were given out from the Steelhouse Lane offices. I think many children sat on that bench to have photos taken in Jeromes. I often wondered what happened to Jeromes and having come across this thread I now know.
To see full size images click the links....


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Neville Philpott

Isn't it funny how you suddenly find the answer to a question, often without actually asking it and sometimes by default.

I have a number of studio photographs taken in the 1950's of myself and my younger sister.

Judging from the ' seating blocks' being used it would appear they were taken at Jeromes, and i didn't previously know that.


gone but not forgotten
:loyal:My mom worked at the city centre studio, she would do the colour on the photos, and the seating blocks that
was used, was only at Birmingham city centre studio all the early photos of my bros/sister are on the same blocks, And yes she put colour on our photos all by brush/hand,.



master brummie
Jean there was one in Witton just a rd of Witton lane on the left, me and San had our photo's taken there I will try and find them and see what the name was. I recall there was a hairdressers on the corner of this rd


master brummie
My grandmother had her photo taken at Jerome photographers in Birmingham, my mum has been saying she would like to have the photo that was taken but does not know what happened to it. Does anyone know if there are photo archives, and how to contact them.


master brummie
Look at this existing thread and do click on the interesting link in post 5.


master brummie
Did anyone ever tell us why Jeromes supplied negative contact prints with their prints rather than return the original film as with every other processor that we ever dealt with?